Wollo University aspires to a national recognition of excellence and performance in teaching, research and service.


As public University, aware of its responsibility to contribute to the intellectual, economic and social development of our society, Wollo University is committed to prepare students for further academic and professional education and for employments in various sectors of the economy in the country. The mission of Wollo University can be stated specifically: Maintain standards of academic excellence essential to our students’ future success and to provide appropriate programs, services and technology to ensure that any student admitted has the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to achieve these standards; Continue to develop innovative and flexible educational approaches to serve the needs of the students; Affirm that the University, as a community, requires the participation and representation of all its members /students, staff and faculty/ in its governance; Encourage the personal and social development of Wollo University students through activities outside the classroom; Develop the role of the University as a community resource and as a center of for life-long learning; Be engaged in local, regional and federal social and economic development for the benefits of both the public and private sectors. Offer consultancy and applied research services


The strategic plan is designed to reflect the following set of shared values that guide our activities as educators and scholars: Achieving excellence in teaching, research and service; Mutual respect: collegiality in our relationships with each other and our diverse clientele with trust, confidence and respect. Encouraging reflection and problem solving about educational issues at the local, regional, federal and international levels; Establishing partnerships with a variety of constituents; Making optimal use of technological resources

Public accountability

We believe in taking full responsibility for our performance as individual employees and as an organization. We will be accountable through establishing goals and measuring our performance in achieving these goals.


Wollo University believes that its activities should be conducted in compliance with all government and University rules and other recognized and acceptable University and social norms.

Commitment and involvement

Work is the means of existence. It is not a matter of choice. Thus, Wollo University management and staff will always remain committed to perform assigned duties to the best of their ability. Transparency: the openness and access to information relevant to interaction in work; The success of our students, staff and clients.

Mandate of the University

This refers to the responsibility bestowed of the University as a higher education institution in providing quality education and training to citizens as stipulated in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia national policy on capacity building. In other words, Wollo University is responsible to the training of different professionals in different faculties like education, science and technology, agriculture, business and economics, informatics, health science and applied social sciences at the degree level. The main focus of the university is on offering relevant educational programs at under graduate level for regular, distance and continuing education programs. Equally important are the attention to be given towards Research and consultancy services in areas like agriculture, technology, informatics, law and good governance, education and business. It can also provide for short-term training programs on request.